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Beaded Cowrie Shields

Our beaded cowrie shields are a sight to see! Each with hundreds of hand-placed glass beads and cowrie shells. Carved from one piece of Baobab wood, a sacred wood used for medicinal and ritual purposes for centuries by the Tikar tribe of Cameroon. Traditionally these shields were used as defensive weapons and also as decorative or ritual objects, which in Cameroon symbolize status and wealth. Comes ready to hang. 

Items in group picture is a sample of what is available. We will send a picture of exact items available for you to choose from.

Approximate Measurements: (may not be in stock)

Small Oval - 12 X 17 inches

Large Oval - 20 X 21 inches

Small Round - 14 inch diameter

Large Round - 21 inch diameter

Large Oblong - 24 X 14 inches