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Kuba Cloth Pillow

Textile design is a true art form across Africa. Many designs are specific to a particular tribe or family. The Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo partner their skills to create Kuba fabrics - the men hand weave strips of raffia cloth, using woven fibers from the raffia-palm leaves, then dye it with mud or natural substances from trees. Women embroider the geometric patterns by sewing it stitch by stitch, cutting each thread as they go. This makes the process long, as each square takes days to complete, but the result is a striking patterned design with contrasting earth tones and a meaningful story.

We love how these natural textiles transform a room, adding warmth and textural contrast to neutral palettes, character to minimalist spaces and style to a traditional room. You can layer various designs of Kuba pillows for an interesting pattern play.

Please inquire for additional designs. Pillows pictured are 22" X 32" however we do have other sizes. Pillow does not come with insert, however if you would like one please email us.